Our History

Our branch church was founded in 1913 by a group of individuals committed to sharing the healing truths of Christian Science with their neighbors. Today, it is more active than ever—holding services, sponsoring public talks, supporting a Reading Room & Bookstore, and sharing Christian Science with those looking for spiritual answers.

An overarching goal of these committed seekers of Truth is to put the teachings of Christian Science into practice and to help their neighbors find and experience the healing power of God.

Members are not pushy about their religion, nor do they proselytize. Rather, they strive to let their spiritual light shine and speak for itself, always respecting the right of others to think for themselves and make their own God inspired choices.

Church services are humble, designed to give each congregant mental space to find and feel God’s presence through prayerful listening and discerning.

The sermons are meaty, filled with profound and stimulating spiritual truths that challenge common assumptions about reality and take thought to new and higher views of God as infinite Love.

All are welcome to attend services, bring their children to the Sunday School and use the Reading Room & Bookstore. We are here to serve.