Our Pastor

We have a unique pastor in our church that can be relied upon for inspiration, comfort and healing wherever you happen to be.

Our pastor is not a person, but two books that are filled with messages of truth and love. These books are the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Eddy is the woman who discovered Christian Science.

This pastor can go wherever you go. You can take these books to the office, on a trip, to the park, study them at home, or listen to someone else read from them.

Sermons in our services are read directly from the Bible and from Science and Health.

Passages read from the Bible bring out the truth about God. Passages read from Science and Health complement the Bible verses by bringing out their profound spiritual meaning in ways that help listeners understand God better and experience more healing.

Our pastor is here for you. You can learn more about what it has to say in our Christian Science Reading Room & Bookstore or by attending services.